About Us:

The Antique Toy Buying Show travels across the country, from city to city buying antique and vintage toys. We ask people who attend our shows to go into their attics, basements and closets to look for toys that they played with as a child. Parents often saved the toys that they and/or their children played with, not knowing that they are collectible and that collectors are searching for them. Many people are surprised that their antique and vintage toys are very valuable to collectors. In fact, some are simply amazed! We have been buying and selling antique and vintages toys for nearly 20 years and we have collectors from around the world that we deal with. Because of this, we have extensive knowledge of the toys that we buy and the people who collect them. So, we invite you to bring in your toys to see what treasures you have and what collectors are willing to pay for them. All of our shows feature free admission and free parking! If you're unable to attend a show, simply call or email us to discuss the toys that you wish to sell. We buy single toys or entire collections.

Selling Your Toys:

We make it simple for you to turn your antique and vintage toys into cash in just 3 easy steps! (1) Bring your pre-1985 toys to one of our toy buying shows; (2) We make you an offer for your toys if we're interested in them; (3) You get paid for your toys. It's as easy as that and parking and admission are free!


If you're unable to attend a show, it's not a problem. Simply email or give us a call to discuss the toys that you have. We buy toy collections and no collection is too small or too large. If needed, we will arrange to have your toys shipped or we can come to you for pick up.


We look forward to seeing you at our next Antique Toy Buying Show or speaking with you about the toys that you wish to sell. Thank you! 


Join Us In 2018 At      One Of Our Toy          Buying Shows .


Or Contact Us Today To Talk About Your Toys. 216-218-1971

We Buy Collections Or Single Pieces

Antique Toys We Buy:


We purchase toys from the 1800's through the mid 1980's. These are examples of some of the toys that we are interested in buying: 


Pre 1970:   Tin Windups, Robots, Space Toys, Battery Operated, Pressed Steel, Cast Iron, Diecast, Slot Cars, Friction, Celluloid, TV & Movie Character, Disney, Superhero, Popeye, Coca Cola, Trains, Playsets, Lunchboxes, Comic Books, Models, Action Figures, Barbie, GI Joe, Dolls, Banks and many more.


1970-1985:   Star Wars, Transformers, Micronauts, TV & Movie Character and Action Figures.


Manufacturers:   Marx, Chein, Lehmann, Linemar, Tonka, Buddy L, Smith Miller, Structo, Keystone, Arcade, Hubley, AC Williams, Lionel, American Flyer, Marklin, Redline Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Dinky, Mego, Ideal, Alps, Cragstan, Daiya, Yonezawa, Nomura, Masudaya and more.

These are examples, if you think you have something collectible, bring it in!


Media Interview Request:

We are happy to provide studio and on-site interviews. Please contact us in advance to schedule an appointment for an interview time. Our shows feature free admission and parking, are fun and exciting and are similar to a treasure hunt on the road. We never know when the next forgotten about toy treasure will come in!